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Anne Dolan specialises in dealing with legal issues that arise for businesses in the travel industry. Anne works exclusively with commercial and corporate clients including the Irish Travel Agents Association (the “ITAA”), a number of large Irish based tour operators and travel agents; a number of foreign tour operators, travel agents and cruise line companies that conduct business in Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

Your terms and conditions of booking are one of the most important tools of your trade. We recognise the diversity in travel companies’ selling structures…


Comprehensive, up to date advice concerning your Internet-based merchandising systems. We address the legal requirements…


A pro-active approach to keeping clients updated about changes in statutory and trade body regulation and help them maintain compliance…

Customer Claims

Assisting throughout the whole process of fighting off claims, whether in Ireland or overseas, and regardless of whether it is a small claim…

Consumer Law

Advice in respect of clients’ obligations under Consumer Law and Passenger Rights as issued by the Irish and European parliaments…

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