In addition to the proposal for the Revision of the PTD, on the 29 th of November, 2023, the EU Commission also published a draft Regulation, which contains various amendments to the current EU legislation on all passenger rights, including air passengers; persons with reduced mobility, passengers travelling by rail, sea and inland waterway and by bus and coach transport.

On the 29 th of November, 2023 the European Commission published a proposal for the revision of the Package Travel Directive [2015/2302]. The revision has been informed by various matters, including, the 2019 collapse of Thomas Cook, the COVID-19 Pandemic and the reports of the EU Commission and other bodies on the functioning and effectiveness of the PTD.

ECTAA 60th Anniversary – Panel Discussion on ‘Sustaining a Healthy Package Travel Market

The ITAA President, Paul Hackett and Anne Dolan, the ITAA’s Legal Advisor, attended the recent ECTAA Semi Annual held in Brussels last week at which the 60th anniversary of the founding of ECTAA was marked.

In a Panel Discussion on ‘Sustaining a Healthy Package Travel Market’ Anne Dolan spoke on behalf of ECTAA, setting out what ECTAA members’ consider important in a future revision of EU legislation.

Collective Commentary on the New Package Travel Directive – Anne Dolan contributes the Chapter on the transposition of the PTD in Ireland

A ceremony to launch the Collective Commentary on the new Package Travel Directive, was held on line on the 21 October, 2021. Anne Dolan was invited to contribute the chapter on the transposition of the PTD in Ireland and spoke at the on-line launch ceremony. A recording of Anne’s address can be seen here.