In addition to the proposal for the Revision of the PTD, on the 29 th of November, 2023, the EU Commission also published a draft Regulation, which contains various amendments to the current EU legislation on all passenger rights, including air passengers; persons with reduced mobility, passengers travelling by rail, sea and inland waterway and by bus and coach transport.

Amongst the most significant aspects of the proposal that will impact air passengers are: -

  • Standard EU-wide reimbursement and compensation forms are to be provided by the Commission for passengers to use;
  • Clarification is provided on the rules applicable to the processing of refunds when flights are booked via an intermediary;
  • Passengers’ contact information must be provided to airlines so as to receive relevant information for their journey, such as including delays, cancellations, provision of care, re-routing, reimbursement, compensation requests, directly from the airline;
  • Passengers are entitled to full transparency as to the contact point for the refund of their tickets when they book through intermediaries; &
  • Refunds to be processed within 7- 14 days depending on whether the airline ticket was purchased through an intermediary.

Further information can be found here.